1st International Exhibition for Thematic Tourism Gastronomy and Wine – ttgw 2019

1st International Exhibition for Thematic Tourism (Alternative Tourism)

Gastronomy and Wine

Athens will be once again the Hellenic Tourism Center, with the 1st International Exhibition of Thematic Tourism – Gastronomy and Wine from 19 to 21 October  2019 at the Peace and Friendship Stadium.

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The exhibition is under the auspices of the Tourism and Rural Development and Food Ministries, the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, the Hellenic Tourism Organization the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE)the Confederation of Tourist Enterprises of Greece (SETKE), the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) , the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Piraeus ,the Athens-Attica & Argosaronikos Hotel Association(EXAAA), the Hellenic Islands Development Chamber (EOAEN), the Hellenic Small Islands Network, the Association of Greek Regions (EN.P.E.) and many other Ministries and agencies for which you will be constantly informed.

The 1st International Exhibition of Thematic Tourism (Alternative Tourism) Gastronomy and Wine is the first exhibitionfor alternative tourism that takes place in Greece and is divided into 2 sections.

1st Section

Thematic (alternative) tourism shows Greek and foreign tourist institutions related to special forms of tourism and alternative tourism.

2nd Section

Gastronomy, Traditional Drinks and Wine.

Professionals in the industry will have the opportunity to present their services and products to a wide audience in Greece and abroad.

Sections of the 1st International Exhibition of Thematic Tourism (Alternative Tourism) of Gastronomy and Wine

1st Section Thematic Tourism (in detail)

Agricultural Tourism (Agricultural Activities Associated with Agriculture, Livestock, Beekeeping, etc., Ecosystem Observation)

Athletic Tourism (Sports Events, Activities, Climbing, Paragliding, Mountain Running, Mountain Biking, Mountaineering, Golf)

Archaeological Tourism (Archaeological Sites, Monuments, Museums)

Urban tourism (Development of City Break destinations, Integration of Cultural Routes, Architecture, Shopping, Entertainment, Experience, Shopping Centers , History etc.)

Geotourism(Geoparks, Caves)

Educational tourism (Programs of Educational and Cultural Acquaintance with the Greek Cultural Heritage)

Sea Tourism (Fishing Tourism, Water sports, Sea Parks, Diving Tourism, Marinas, Cruise Tourism, Yachts)

Religious Tourism (Monasteries, Churches)

Spa tourism (Hot springs, Centers, Services)

Medical tourism

Ecotourism (Develop in ecologically valuable and mainly institutionalized environmental protection areas eg Natura sites)

Cultural Tourism (Visits to Museums, Castles, Historical Monuments, Musical Events, Cultural Events, Festivals)

Congress tourism (Exhibition Centers, Conference Centers)

Health and wellness tourism (Thalassotherapy, Therapeutic Programs, Yoga, Spa, etc.)

Rural Climbing (Climbing and Hiking Clubs, Adventure Travel, Outdoor Activities, Climbing, Horse Riding, Cycling, Canoe Kayak, Canyoning, River Kayak, Mountain Biking, River Trekking, Rafting)

Winter Tourism (Skiing, Ski Centers, Winter Sports)

2nd Section Gastronomy, Traditional Drinks and Wine

Special tribute to Gastronomy and Wine (Traditional Products, Traditional Restaurants, Flavors, Local Cooperatives, Wine Roads, Breweries, Estates, Wineries, Beverages)


Section Thematic Tourism (alternative)

Ministries, Regions, Embassies, Municipalities, Chambers and Tourism Organizations from all over Greece

Spa and thalassotherapy centers


Alternative tourism equipment companies

Businesses engaged in maritime tourism

Companies of extreme sports

Athletic tourism and sports activities

Fishing tourism companies

Water sports companies

Medical Tourism Companies

Water parks

Spa centers

Diving centers

Marinas for boats docking

Accommodation Hotels, Hostels, Campings

Mountaineering clubs

Hiking clubs

Cycling clubs

Riding Clubs

Convention Centers

Travel Agencies

Ski resorts

Section of Gastronomy and Drinks

Ministries, Regions, Embassies, Municipalities, Chambers and Institutions of Gastronomy and Wine from all over Greece

Wine Roads





Producers of local traditional products

Traditional restaurants and taverns



Significant Benefits of Exhibitors

  • It is the first major exhibition on Alternative Tourism, Gastronomy and Wine.
  • Promotion of all the wealth from all over Greece and forms of tourism that can contribute to 365 days of tourism.
  • Promotion of products from all over Greece.
  • Offers and sales directly to visitors on days of the exhibition.
  • Visit of foreign buyer and business representatives with prospects of cooperation with the companies that will participate in the exhibition.
  • Conducting a major international conference of overwhelming interest in thematic tourism with presentation of all alternative forms of tourism. (many specialized workshops, as well as gastronomic tastings from various regions of Greece with important Chefs recognized)


  • Advertising by the media (T.V, Radio) and Social Media.
  • Over the course of the exhibition over 100 communication sponsors from all over Greece will present the exhibition and will operate online Tv and Radio with the possibility of interviewing companies.
  • Advertising of the exhibition in 90 radio stations in Greece.

Guide to the exhibition

Exhibition magazine, guide with interviews by important people in the industry and developments in tourism, gastronomy and wine.

Advertising through the Guide of the tourist product and your company’s products.

The guide will be distributed in 20,000 copies and electronically to more than 100,000 professionals.

Exhibition center: Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF)

The Peace and Friendship Stadium is located in Neo Faliro, Piraeus, opposite George Karaiskakis Stadium and is the second largest indoor court in Greece.

It is 10 km from the center of Athens and 3 km from the center of Piraeus. Transportation by Metro and Tram as well as by public transport.


Media Sponsor

The exhibition is organized by Mact Media Group 

For more information: www.ttgw.grttgw@ttgw.gr

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