A new tropical storm threatens China and Vietnam

An area of low pressure is forming over the South China Sea, with the possibility of becoming a tropical storm, or even a typhoon by midweek.

The weather system has been gaining momentum, moving towards the south coast of China and bringing torrential downpours.

Should it strengthen into a tropical storm, it will be called Wipha.

The western areas of Luzon island in the Philippines, including the capital, Manila, will be battered by strong, gusting winds and heavy rain into midweek.

If the storm continues on its current track, China’s Hainan Island might take the worst of the rain and damaging winds.

The worst effects are likely to be felt in areas south and west of Hong Kong, but rain from this storm could also affect the city in the coming days.

Areas from southern China into mainland Southeast Asia should be on alert from mid-week as the storm approaches.

Regardless of the storm’s strength, enough rain could fall to lead to flash flooding and mudslides. The high winds and heavy rains mean the seas will become rough and dangerous for fishermen.

The extent of wind damage will depend on the storm’s track and peak intensity.

As with any tropical storm, the time to prepare is before its arrival. Residents should always heed warnings issued by local authorities and have a plan in place ahead of time.

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