Bengaluru: Authorities put ban on digital cameras inside Lalbagh, officials say flashes affect bees, visitors

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In the backdrop of rising complaints of pre-wedding shoots inside the Lalbagh in Bengaluru, the Karnataka horticulture department has imposed a ban on carrying digital cameras inside the park. The authorities say another major reason behind the ban was that the flash of the cameras distract the bees. The violation of the new norm attracts a fine of Rs 500.

Deputy director of horticulture (Lalbagh) Kusuma G told The Indian Express that the order was passed more than two years ago. “It is only now that this is being highlighted. The major reason was that the bees get distracted due to the flash of the camera. Moreover, the pre-wedding shoots inside the park used to put other visitors at discomfort and we had received several complaints in this regard. So, the issue was put before the advisory committee which gave a green light to the banning of digital cameras. Security personnel have been asked to check the cameras since many try to sneak them in.”

However, officials of the horticulture department said researchers who may need cameras will have to seek prior permission for shooting inside the park.

In view of the April 26 order of the government, which makes wearing of masks mandatory at the public place, the horticulture department officials said that they are also ensuring the implementation of the order inside the park. Over 4,000 people visit Lalbagh weekly.

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