Boris Johnson divides opinion from Parliament to the streets of London

Britain’s main opposition Labour Party has already said it will put forward a motion of no-confidence in newly minted Prime Minister Boris Johnson when it has the best chance of success.

In Parliament on Wednesday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn repeated his call for a general election, taking aim at the fact Johnson was only elected by members of the Conservative party — barely 160,000 of them in total, which represents around 0.1 per cent of the British population.

“Given that [Theresa May’s] successor has no mandate from the people, no mandate in which to move into office, doesn’t [May] agree that the best thing [Boris Johnson] could do later on today when he takes office is to call a general election and let the people decide their future,” said Corbyn during Theresa May’s last session of Prime Minister’s questions while still leader of the country.

The British people, meanwhile, seem to be about as divided as their House of Parliament. Boris Johnson either the saviour of Britain, or a disaster waiting to happen — it just depends who you ask.

Even as the second act to Prime Minister Theresa May, who divided opinion in the UK Parliament so dramatically she failed to pass her Brexit bill three times, Boris Johnson is a divisive figure.

Tory politicians certainly like him, as 66 per cent voted for him over Jeremy Hunt — But just 33 per cent of the public think he’s a capable leader, according to an Ipsos Mori poll.

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