‘Captain America or Iron Man’: Questionnaire for prospective flatmates in Bengaluru leaves netizens in splits

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House hunting in a different city is always a nightmare, and it’s not just about budget or locality. Handling the queries posed by landlords and even flatmates can be quite an arduous task. A woman recently shared her experience while house hunting in Bengaluru where questions for prospective tenants included who was their favourite Marvel hero or which member of FRIENDS’ cast they share their personality with.

Twitter user, Astha (@AsthaPasta16) recently inquired about a room in Bengaluru and met with some questions from other members living in the space. While some were quite obvious, others left her flabbergasted. “Are you Rachel, Monica or Phoebe?” one of the questions read, while another asked if she would hit on Iron Man, Spiderman or Black Widow if she found them in their apartment.

Other questions in the list asked where she was from, has she lived outside before and about her dietary preferences. The potential flatmates also wanted to know how often she needs to go to the office and how does her “ideal weekend” looks like.

“Apartment hunting in Bengaluru seems to be a cultural interview round these days,” the woman shared the questions on Twitter, leaving netizens amused.

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Living with someone, and sharing your space is not easy. And sometimes even friends living together might not click. So, to find a perfect balance, it was necessary to come up with these questions, one of the women setting up the question later commented on the now-viral thread.

“@AsthaPasta16 thanks for making our interview viral,” Pakhi Sharma wrote in reply. “When you have 150 applications, filtering is a must. Just being able to pay rent is no criteria, @Devina18Kumar @ChasiaNeha we did well!” Sharma added tagging fellow residents.

As the set of questions went viral, while some loved the idea and said they too would adopt this when finding new flatmates, others who are not into Hollywood movies or series wondered what will happen to them. One even joked about a start-up idea, setting up a shelter for all rejected candidates.

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