Choosing a long-term care home: What you need to know

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Ontario must increase funding and staffing at the province’s nursing homes to help prevent future serial killers from harming vulnerable seniors, recommends a report into Elizabeth Wettlaufer’s crimes. The report has reignited conversations around nursing home safety, staffing issues, and how choosing a safe home for loved ones. An elder rights advocate and lawyer help answer your questions about long-term care homes.
Read more: 1:24 Reaction to inquiry report
2:23 What to consider when placing a loved one in a long-term care facility
8:54 How can cameras at homes be used appropriately?
11:51 What to do if you suspect abuse
15:00 How to file a complaint
15:44 Are smaller facilities better than larger facilities?
17:01 What is being done to address violent residents who have access to other residents?
18:18 Is there a lack of expertise among long-term care staff?
20:01 Who is policing nurses, and why was Wettlaufer re-hired after being fired?
21:04 Is senior care as a business too focused on making money and keeping costs low?
22:44 Who can seniors with no family members complain to if they experience abuse?
24:15 Do PSWs have enough training to service Alzheimer’s and dementia patients?
26:33 What can be done about low staffing levels?
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