Climate deal “falls short” as China and India block end to coal power – BBC News

World leaders and environmental experts have welcomed a UN climate deal that for the first time targets fossil fuel as the key driver of global warming. However many expressed disappointment with the agreement and warned that the world was still on course for disastrous warming. The summit reached deadlock over coal power after India and China blocked a call for it to be completely phased out. Instead the summit could only agree that it would be “phased down”. The UK, which hosted the summit, hailed the deal as a “game-changing agreement”. But critics warned that it does not deliver the key summit goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C by the end of the century. The summit did agree to provide money for poorer countries to help them adapt to climate change, as well as curbs to methane emissions and deforestation. Jane Hill presents BBC News at Ten reporting by science editor David Shukman, Rajini Vaidyanathan in Delhi, Stephen McDonnell in Beijing and North America editor Jon Sopel in Washington. Please subscribe HERE #BBCNews

climate deal falls short as china and india block end to coal power bbc news

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