Could the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen soon fall apart?

The war in Yemen looks like it’s taking another drastic turn, one that could change the make-up of the country as we know it today, and shape how it functions in the future.

In a complicated turn of events, and despite being part of the same coalition fighting Houthi rebels, forces loyal to the United Arab Emirates, and those loyal to Saudi Arabia appear to have turned on each other.

Fighting has been going on for days, killing dozens, as a battle for control of the southern city of Aden intensifies.

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council wants the Yemeni government out.

So what does it all mean? And how might if affect the war?

Presenter: Mohamed Jamjoom


Afrah Nasser – Chief Editor of Sanaa Review

Osamah Al-Rawhani – Deputy Executive Director of The Sana’a Center For Strategic Studies

Rasha Jarhum – Director of Peace Track Initiative 

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