Explosions rock Russian arms depot for second time this week

New explosions have rocked an ammunition depot in Siberia for the second time in a week, according to regional authorities.

The authority in the Krasnoyarsk Territory said that there had been explosions during a de-mining operation, which resulted in servicemen being injured.

The blasts took place “during mine clearance and the emergency response in Kamenka” and “resulted in five employees being injured and a car damaged,” it said in a statement.

National media reports said the number of people injured was at least nine.

Residents of the nearby village of Kamenka were evacuated, the press service of the authority wrote in a statement posted to their website. Eleven buses were sent to the area to evacuate people.

The explosions come days after massive blasts ripped through the same site on Monday.

Thousands of people were evacuated and air traffic was suspended near the munitions site, according to the Associated Press.

The incident on Monday killed one and injured 13 others.

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