Fire crews rescue US woman after she falls headfirst into toilet

If you think hiking stinks, get a load of this…

A US woman was rescued by two fire crews after she fell headfirst into a vault toilet while trying to retrieve her mobile phone at a park on Olympic Peninsula, Washington.
The woman in her mid-40s was using an outhouse at Mount Walker, a popular destination for hikers, on April 19, when the accident occurred, according to the Brinnon Fire Department.
The woman slid into a 'vault toilet' while trying to recover her phone.
The woman slid into a ‘vault toilet’ while trying to recover her phone. (National Park Service)

A vault toilet is a waterless, non-flush toilet usually placed at outdoor locations like campgrounds; so named because the toilets store waste in an airtight vault underground.

After dropping her phone in the toilet, the woman disassembled the seat and housing of the toilet in an attempt to reach it, the fire department said on Facebook. She used a dog leash to try to “fish it out,” before using it to support herself as she tried to grab the phone.

But the attempt failed, and she slid into the toilet. Fortunately, after 20 minutes inside the vault, she was able to find and use her phone to call 911.

Fire crews rescued a woman after she fell head-first into a vault toilet.
Fire crews rescued the woman after she fell head-first into a vault toilet. (Brinnon Fire Department)

Crews from the Brinnon Fire Department and Quilcene Fire Rescue reported to the scene and pulled her to safety.

According to the fire department, the uninjured woman was washed down and given a Tyvek suit to wear. But she declined any further medical treatment and continued on her way.

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