French President Emmanuel Macron dodges, escapes tomatoes days after election win

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French President Emmanuel Macron was anticipating a warm reception after his re-election but was left red-faced following a tomato attack. Macron was reportedly in a food market in a French town talking to a small crowd when someone threw a handful of tomatoes in his direction.

When one of the tomatoes narrowly missed Macron, his security guards immediately shouted “projectile”. The security officials then opened a special umbrella to protect the French president from the tomato attack.

The footage also shows Macron leaving the scene following the incident.

Emmanuel Macron defeated his rival and far-right leader Marine Le Pen by a comfortable margin, securing a second term.

Macron can expect little or no grace period in a country whose stark political divisions have been brought into the open by an election in which radical parties scored well. Many expect the street protests that marred part of his first term to erupt again as he presses on with pro-business reforms.

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