German amusement park acts after uproar over ‘swastika carousel’

An amusement park ride in south-west Germany has been taken out of operation because it looked like two rotating swastikas.

The “Eagle Fly” was opened just a few weeks ago, in the park based in Löffingen near Freiburg.

According to media reports, a video shared on the online platform Reddit was where viewers initially spotted similarities to the notorious Nazi symbol.

A spokesman for the park said that nobody noticed the controversial resemblance until the footage was released.

Rüdiger Braun, the owner of the Tatzmania amusement park, explained that they had spoken to the manufacturer of the carousel: “It’s agreed with the manufacturer that these questionable heads will be taken back and reworked, after which it will not be four heads, but three eagles, that’s how we have the problem under control.”

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