In photos: Europe sizzles as temperature records tumble

Temperatures soared and broke records across Europe on Wendesday and Thursday as the continent seared in the second heatwave of the summer.

Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and France recorded all-time high temperatures, ranging from 38C to 42C. People made a dash for shade and swarmed beaches and pools in an attempt to escape the excruciating conditions.

Euronews selected a few photographs to give you a glimpse of how people cooled off across the continent.

In Brighton, a young man jumped from a wall into the sea, while his friends watched.

Scores of people headed to the Soca river in Tolmin in Slovenia with floats and toy guns. .

Paris broke its all-time high temperature record at 42.6C on Thursday and numerous fountains came to life all over the city.

Residents and tourists cooled off in various fountains across Paris.

In front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, people dipped their feet in ponds and stood in fountains.

Brussels recorded an all-time high on Wednesday when temperatures soared to 39.9C.

In Munich too, fountains and lakes came to the rescue of people looking for an escape from the scorching heat.

While some in London decided to take advantage of the unusually high temperatures to sunbathe…

Others in Belgium huddled to find shade.

Humans were having fun on a sweltering day, their pets didn’t want to be left behind.

And finally, a pair of Humboldt penguins were caught sunbathing at the Folly Farm and Zoo.

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