Kelly Craft: Congress confirms UN ambassador pick

Kelly Knight CraftImage copyright Reuters
Image caption Ms Knight Craft will replace Nikki Haley who resigned last October

The US senate has confirmed President Trump’s nominee Kelly Knight Craft as the next ambassador to the United Nations.

Ms Knight Craft, 57, a major Republican fundraiser, is currently US ambassador to Canada.

During her confirmation hearing, she vowed to continue efforts to push for UN reforms and defended Mr Trump’s decision to reduce payments to the UN.

She will replace Nikki Haley who resigned last October.

Congress approved Ms Knight Craft’s appointment by 56 votes to 34. Only five Democrats endorsed her confirmation.

Democrats had expressed concern that she lacks the experience needed and that her family ties to the coal industry may influence policy.

Ms Knight Craft has been married to billionaire coal mining businessman Joe Craft since 2016.

She previously served as an alternate delegate to the UN during President George W Bush’s administration, where her focuses included Africa.

Her appointment ends a period of more than seven months when the US was without a permanent ambassador to the UN.

Ms Knight Craft was chosen after Mr Trump’s first choice, Heather Nauert, withdrew her candidacy in February.

The former Fox News presenter said she made the decision for family reasons after a “gruelling” two months in the spotlight.

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