Maharashtra crisis LIVE updates | As more MLAs troop into Assam hotel, NCP goes into huddle, TMC takes to the streets

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Sources said some Sena MPs are in touch with the BJP and Eknath Shinde

Thane: Rajan Vichare
Kalyan: Eknath Shinde’s son Shrikant
These two are already with Eknath

Vashim: Bhawna Gawli
Ramtek: Kripal Tumane
Palghar: Rajendra Gawit

The Shinde MLA faction is waiting for the numbers to swell past 37. The number is needed to gain legitimacy as a group, which can defy the anti-defection law.

Sources say once the numbers are adequate, a letter is likely to be signed by all of them and sent to the Governor, asserting dominance

Shinde faction has already nominated Bharat Gogawale as the chief whip, defying sunil Prabhu as the actual chief whip of Sena

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