Mahua Moitra says can’t even buy trousers for dad without giving phone number, tags Decathlon on Twitter


Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra posted a complaint against sporting brand Decathlon in a cutting tweet on Thursday. In her post, Mahua Moitra described her experience as she visited the Decathlon store at Ansal Plaza in Delhi-NCR today afternoon.

Mahua Moitra bought a pair of trousers for her father from Decathlon and was asked to provide her phone number and email address at the billing counter. Displeased, Mahua Moitra refused and tweeted straight from the store, censuring Decathlon for “violating privacy laws and consumer laws”.

“Want to buy my dad trousers for Rs 1499 in CASH at @Decathlon_India Ansal Plaza & manager insists I need to put in my mobile number & email ID to purchase. Sorry @Decathlon_India, you are violating privacy laws & consumer laws by insisting on this. Am at store currently (sic.),” Mahua Moitra tweeted.

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Soon after her post went viral, Mahua Moitra received a text from a Supreme Court lawyer, a screenshot of which she posted on her timeline. She also added that the manager had “finally put in his number & got me out of store (with dad’s trousers). But @Decathlon_India needs to reconfigure now.”

Although she praised the manager, Mahua Moitra clearly wasn’t impressed with her experience at Decathlon.

Social media users had several opinions in response to Mahua Moitra’s complaint against Decathlon. Here are some of the tweets:

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