Make sure no roads are blocked during Durga Puja: Mamata Banerjee tells minister


Ahead of Durga Puja and festivities, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee warned ministers and local leaders not to block roads. CM Banerjee said this to Bengal minister Sujit Bose while inaugurating his pandal in Sreebhumi.

The statement holds relevance as MLA from Bidhannagar’s Durga Puja pandal, last year, was modelled on the pattern of the world’s largest building. However, it was closed as a few pilots complained of distraction due to the laser show apart from drawing a huge crowd.

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“I will request Sujit (babu), please make sure that roads are not blocked. It should not happen that people miss flights due to roadblock crowds here or people fail to go past this road. Gourav Sharma is the new commissioner here. Gourav, if that sort of thing happens, tell me immediately and I will do whatever needed.”

“Lakhs and lakhs of people come here to see this puja. So, you when you are a minister you have to look at commoners also. It is your duty. I keep very updated during Durga Puja. When people roam about on the streets I become their watchman. I keep every update on everywhere and what is happening so I will take every inch of update. If any mishap happens then my language will change toward you (babu),” the West Bengal chief minister said.

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Mamata started Durga Puja’s inauguration on Thursday.

Mamata inaugurated Durga Puja earlier today and inaugurated the Tala Bridge which has been out of operation for years.

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