Man appears for an interview during chemo session, photo goes viral

For most, appearing for a job interview is quite stressful, let alone doing it from a hospital. Showing remarkable resilience, a man has gone viral on LinkedIn for refusing to bow down as he battles cancer and sitting for an interview during a chemotherapy session.

Proving that his diagnosis is not enough to curtail his spirit or determination, Arsh Nandan Prasad from Jamshedpur in Jharkhand shared his recent experience. “When you give your best in the interviews but are not selected for the mere fact that you are going through a rough patch in life certainly shows how generous these companies are,” Prasad wrote with a laughing emoji. “As the recruiters come to know that I’m fighting Cancer, I see the change in their expressions. I don’t need your sympathy!! I’m here to prove myself,” said Prasad.

He also said his image was snapped recently when he gave an interview while receiving treatment from a hospital bed.

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The business and marketing analyst’s post soon started to get a lot of traction on the platform with many lauding him for his fighting spirit calling him an “inspiration”. While few others from around the world joined him to share similar experiences they had, someone even offered him a job.

Nilesh Satpute, the founder and CEO of Maharashtra-based tech company Applied Cloud Computing, urged him to take care of himself first and said he can join their team whenever he wants. “You are a warrior. Please stop attending interviews during your treatment,” said Satpute. “I checked your credentials they are very strong. You can join us whenever you want. There will be no interview,” he added.

While Prasad has not responded to Satpute’s proposal yet, many urged him not to give up. They assured him that he’ll find his dream job soon adding that the right employer will see his worth.

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