Men spray women with perfume on White Monday for good luck and marriage

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Romanians preserve old customs, such as “White Monday”.

In the villages of Bistrita Nasaud county (north), on the second day of Easter, which is called White Monday, all women are sprayed with perfume by men who gather in the early hours of the morning and start watering but not before buying perfumes, which are more special. More than that, men ask the girls if they can be sprayed in a beautiful manner: they tell them poems. According to the country’s region, poems are different.

Men are greeted with red eggs, cakes and drinks, they are feasted on the honour of crossing the threshold and watering the ladies and gentlemen of the household.

The “White Monday” is a very old custom inherited from Germany. In the beginning, men walked with a bucket of water and the girls were wet from head to toe, as the custom was considered more “healthy”.

However, then and now, this custom brought good luck to the house where the boys entered and meant that the girl was well seen by the lads.

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