New smart bra can help to detect breast cancer

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Nigerian robotics engineer, Bolarinwa Kemisola, has developed a bra that can detect breast cancer.

The new device can help in the fight against breast cancer in Nigeria where an estimated 17 thousand women die of the disease every year.

The smart bra contains a total of 14 sensors connected to a USB outlet with cables.

The system also includes a phone application where the procedure can be followed.

The new device also helps to raise awareness about breast cancer.

The Nigerian scientist stated that she devoted herself to finding a solution to breast cancer on the day her aunt died.

Following the advice of several healthcare professionals and scientists, the first working prototype was ready by February 2021.

According to research many women in Africa do not know what cancer is and when confronted with it resort to traditional medicine.

According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 600,000 women died of breast cancer in the world in 2020, and just over 74 000 of them in Africa.

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