Nurse arrested in Italy after ‘faking COVID vaccinations’

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Police in Italy say they secretly filmed a nurse in Palermo, Sicily, loading up a dose of Covid-19 vaccine, then emptying it before injecting a patient in the arm.

The person wanted the certificate, which is mandatory to enter many public places in Italy, but didn’t want the vaccine.

The nurse did the same thing with some family members known to be anti-vaxxer activists. Even her own booster dose was fake, say police. They arrested the nurse, accusing her of forgery and embezzlement.

It’s not the first case of health workers in Italy pretending to vaccinate family members or receiving money to give false vaccinations.

A few days ago a male nurse was arrested in Ancona for pretending to inject COVID-19 vaccines to at least 50 people in exchange for a bribe.

The so-called Green Pass is needed to access places like bars, restaurants and public transport in Italy.

This week, this country registered more than 200 000 daily new cases of COVID-19.

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