Polish city becomes awash with yellow thanks to blooming sunflower field

Part of this Polish city is awash with yellow thanks to a blooming sunflower field.

Bialystok only has one such field but there are plans to create more. By 2021, the city’s officials hope to have up to 6.5 hectares of sunflower fields.

The mayor says they are nice to look at but also help the ecosystem.

“Such flower meadows collect dust, there is more bees and other insects and, additionally, it also improves water management,” he says.

“So it is very important when it comes to the entire ecosphere.”

The picturesque landscape has quickly become a tourist destination with many visiting to snap quick selfies in the fields.

“Kids love it,” says one Bialystok resident.

“We walked here as it was still blooming, and they were delighted.”

“For me, it’s a childhood memory. I am reminded of the fields of sunflowers in my grandmother’s village,” says another Bialystok resident.

Similar projects are also been conducted in other Polish cities such as Krakow, Warsaw or Olsztyn.

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