Polluted river foam floats into Colombia town

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An immense layer of foam coming out from a polluted river has reached the doors of the homes of the locals of Mosquera, a town 22 kilometres (13 miles) from the Colombian capital Bogota.

Residents are increasingly distressed by this phenomenon, which, although not new, has increased in the rainy season.

It has a foul smell and the winds are quickly dispersing the contaminated foam to the neighbourhood of Los Puentes, located on the river bank.

The “flying” foam lands on the front doorsteps of homes and sidewalks.

The environmental authority in the area said, through its press office, that the contaminated foam is increasing due to the number of detergents being poured into the rivers, in addition to the recent rains.

Since 2020, Garcia added, a wastewater treatment plant has been in operation in Mosquera, which has its function, to reduce “the generation of agents that can generate foam.”

The environmental authority recommends that people avoid making contact with contaminated foam.

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