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us seeks to speed up delivery of new f 16 fighter jets to taiwan

US seeks to speed up delivery of new F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan

Block 70 aircraft are the newest F-16 configuration with new avionics, a modernised cockpit, and an improved engine. The United States is looking for ways...
as costs mount how long can china stick with zero covid

As costs mount, how long can China stick with ‘zero COVID’?

Hong Kong, China – On January 23, 2020, China gave birth to “zero COVID”. Facing the threat of a mysterious virus, authorities in Wuhan imposed...
western australia deepens covid era separation from country

Western Australia deepens COVID-era separation from country

Western Australia has cancelled plans to reopen its inter-state borders due to spread of the Omicron variant. Australia will remain a divided nation with the...
world rushes aid to tsunami hit tonga amid water food shortage

World rushes aid to tsunami-hit Tonga amid water, food shortage

UN says some 60,000 people affected by damage to crops, livestock, and fisheries due to ashfall, saltwater intrusion and potential for acid rain. More ships...
security china to dominate bidens talks with japans kishida

Security, China to dominate Biden’s talks with Japan’s Kishida

Virtual meeting will be the first substantial discussion between the two allies since Fumio Kishida became Japanese prime minister in October. The leaders of the...
amazon to open its first ever clothing store at a california mall

Amazon to open its first-ever clothing store at a California mall

The entry into malls could become another threat to traditional clothing sellers because of the data and shopper insights that Amazon may gain, retail experts...
brazilian samba singer elza soares dies aged 91

Brazilian samba singer Elza Soares dies aged 91

Elza Soares, who recorded 36 albums, was an outspoken advocate who denounced racism and violence against women. Elza Soares, a celebrated Brazilian samba music singer...
us charges second man in killing of haitian president moise

US charges second man in killing of Haitian President Moise

Dual Haitian-Chilean citizen is second man charged in the US over plot to assassinate Jovenel Moise in July last year. The United States Justice Department...
us sanctions four ukrainians accused of working for russia

US sanctions four Ukrainians accused of working for Russia

Biden administration targets Ukrainian nationals, including two lawmakers, it accuses of working to destabilise country. The United States has imposed sanctions on four Ukrainian nationals,...
sudanese judges us denounce crackdown on anti coup protesters

Sudanese judges, US denounce crackdown on anti-coup protesters

Thousands resume anti-coup protests in Sudan as US diplomats try to bolster UN efforts to cajole the military in restoring the transition to full civilian...