Sonu Sood on playing antagonist in Acharya: ‘Chiranjeevi was not sure if hitting me will be accepted by people’

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In the last two years, when cinemas were largely shut, actors in the entertainment industry were using social media platforms to share how they learnt to make dalgona coffee at home, or how their workout routines had shifted from their gyms but amidst all of this, Sonu Sood found a way to use his clout for the good of the people. The actor turned into a philanthropist who provided transportation, oxygen, medical supplies, or anything else that was required during the peak of the pandemic. Sonu is now back to the job he was previously known for, acting. He is still actively helping people, but his real-life hero image is now starting to affect his reel-life image as well. Sonu is returning to screens with Acharya, which stars Megastar Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan. As per the trailer of the Koratala Siva directorial, Sonu Sood plays an antagonist. In a conversation with, Sonu opened up on how it was very “difficult” for people to see him in a negative role. He agreed that even the makers had inhibitions as they were unsure if the audience would accept him in a negative role.

“I feel it is very difficult to see me (in a negative role). All the producers, directors and writers have spoken about how they cannot see me or imagine me in a negative role anymore,” Sonu said, adding that he saw things changing for him even on the sets of Acharya as some of the portions were reshot after the pandemic.

“I remember I started shooting for two films before Covid-19, including Acharya. And they had to rework a little bit on a few scenes. Like in the action sequences, Chiranjeevi sir was not sure if hitting me will be accepted by people. So yes, people are thinking a lot about it. Even the scripts that are coming my way are all positive roles. So, there is a second-innings on its way,” Sood added.

With his new image of a messiah, we were keen to know if there has been a massive change in the kind of scripts that were being offered to him. Turns out, he is being offered “real hero, superhero and larger-than-life hero roles” and for Sonu, this is a change in pace. With a plethora of scripts coming his way, he now has the task of choosing the best ones, and Sonu is taking this task rather seriously. “It has been difficult to choose the right one as there is a huge responsibility on you,” he said.

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He added, “I think your on-screen image can become a lot related to your real life. By God’s grace, whatever little I did in the last couple of years has given me a new image. It has given writers a new thought in the way they would write my roles, it has given producers the courage to try something different. It (philanthropy work) left an impact (on my career), but a positive one.”

Talking about Acharya, Sonu Sood said it will be “a special film in my career.” When asked who is Acharya of his life, Sood replied, “My mother. She has been my teacher. She taught me the values of life. She taught me how important it is to give back to society and how important it is to ride on the hard work you have put in. She taught me that good wishes and prayers do the trick in achieving what you want.”

“This is my first film with Chiru sir and Ram Charan. They both are phenomenal individuals. Very hardworking,” Sonu Sood said talking about his co-stars. “I had a great time, especially with Chiru sir,” he said, adding that with the Megastar, he shared a good rapport on and off the camera. “Whenever we would get time, we would talk about philanthropy work we have been involved with. We always had some common things to talk about,” he said.

The conversation about pan-Indian films has gained a lot of steam with the success of KGF Chapter 2, RRR, so we asked Sonu if Hindi cinema was somehow lagging behind in terms of the content they are offering. Sonu said, “I don’t think so. They are making some great films/series. They are exploring and experimenting. But yes, the audience has become smarter now. They are not ready for anything average. So, you have to excel in every department, irrespective of the industry or language.”

Sonu has been in the entertainment business for two decades now but believes “this is just the beginning” for him. “I am learning every single day. I will give my best and keep on changing lives on the way. I will make sure that this special journey continues,” he said.

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