The Exhibition Gastronomy and Wine (Alternative Tourism) Thematic Tourism postponed for 2020

the exhibition gastronomy and wine alternative tourism thematic tourism postponed for 2020


We inform you that Thematic (Alternative Tourism) Gastronomy and Wine Exhibition is being carried for 2020.

The main reason was the Regions and Municipalities took over their duties in September without the right to make a decision to participate despite the will of almost all the Regions and dozens of Municipalities to participate.

Mact Media Group is grateful for the confidence shown by several professionals who had stated their participation in our exhibition.

Their tremendous interest in Gastronomy and Wine Thematic Tourism (Alternative Tourism) and respect for professionals, producers and the public from all over Greece compels us to move the exhibition to 2020.

Organizing from now on with professionalism, better and more organized work.

In 2020, a World Summit on Thematic Tourism will be organized as part of the exhibition aimed at involving The matic Tourism professionals from 25 countries for B2B meetings.

A key part will be gastronomy and wine.

The World Congress and Exhibition will take place on 23-24-25 October 2020.

A national conference on the development of Thematic Tourism will be held in February.

We thank our supporters, sponsors, hundreds of friends and the media, and we hope to have you all with us.

Thanks for understanding.


Makt Media Group


George Karachristos


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