Tourism In Lesvos – 3-day event dedicated to Lesvos.

tourism in lesvos 3 day event dedicated to lesvos

Tourism In Lesvos

Press release

The 3-day event dedicated to Lesvos in Syntagma Square was completed with great success.

The Island of Lesvos due to the difficult conditions it is going through in recent years makes the need for promotion and advertising huge, so through the booth had the opportunity to show Athenians and visitors to the capital its wonderful beauties and with special offers of accommodation and of ferry companies, mainly for the critical months of August and September, with the promotion of the physiognomic features of the island, with gastronomic tastings of traditional products, with competitions for the public, with cultural events, etc., will be presented to the thousands passing through the most central point of the country and in all the media. national television networks, the reasons for the visit to Lesvos.

On July 28 at 12:00 theopening ceremony of the stand took place where they were honored by the presence of representatives of Ministries and Agencies.

During the 3-day event, personalities from the of tourism, ministries, agencies, regions, municipalities, personalities of showbiz, media visited the Lesvos stand: the General Secretary of GNTO Mr. Fraggakis Dimitris, the President of GNTO Mrs. Angela Gerekou, the Member of Parliament of Lesvos ND Athanassiou Charalambos, the Head of Tourism SYRIZA Mrs. Katerina Notopoulou, the Member of Parliament for Lesvos SYRIZA Mr. Bournous Ioannis, from the Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus Mrs. Hatzikosti Ioanna, the Deputy Mayor for Extroversion and Civil Society of the Municipality of Athens Mrs. Katerina Gagaki, President of the Federation of Lesvos Associations of Attica Mr. Vakalis Nektarios,President of the China-Greece Investors Association Mr. Michael Xia, from the Commercial Department of the Embassy of Cyprus Mrs. Iliadou Giota, Member of Parliament for Lesvos KKE Mrs. Komninaka Apostolou Maria, the Former President of EOT Mr. Babis Karimalis and many others who sent letters to the this summer.

Many people visited the pavilion of Lesvos, got to know the beauties of the island, tasted the traditional products and promised to visit the island.

The 3-day event was broadcast on all the main channels of the country, with live connections, on radios, newspapers and websites, giving the event huge recognition throughout Greece.

During the event, Mr. Karachristos George and the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of West Lesvos, Ms. Vati Aphrodite, sent their own message.

Mr. Karachristos George, Head of Organization of the event “We welcome you from the beautiful island of Lesvos. An island with rare natural beauty with architectural masterpieces. The fossilized forest of the Medieval castle city the vast olive groves. On the three days we unfold in the world of Attica the beautiful Lesvos with colors, flavors, offers to spend a special endless holiday trip. “

The Deputy Mayor of Tourism of West Lesvos Mrs. Vati Aphrodite “thank you for being with us today and supporting the island of Lesvos, we are waiting for everyone to visit us and be informed about the beauties of the island and the offers, we invite everyone to visit especially this year the beautiful island of Lesvos and get to know its incredible beauty. ”

The event ended and was renewedfor next year.

The Panhellenic Voluntary Rescue Crisis Management team undertook the health coverage of the 3 days event.

Organizer Municipality of West Lesvos

Co-organized by the Chamber of Lesvos

With the support of the North Aegean Region, the Lesvos Hoteliers Association, the Federation of Lesbian Associations of Attica, the Lesvos Agents Association and the Molyvos Tourist Organization

We thank the sponsors: Attica Group, Professionals and Cooperatives of Lesvos, Lesvos Car Rental

We thank the Municipality of Athens for providing the space in Syntagma Square.

We thank all the volunteers from Lesvos who framed the stand every day.

The visitors were welcomed by the Heads of the stand, the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of West Lesvos Mrs. Vati Aphrodite and Marketing Officer of the Lesvos Prefecture of the North Aegean Region Mr. Panagiotis Pitsios.

tourism in lesvos 3 day event dedicated to lesvos
tourism in lesvos 3 day event dedicated to lesvos 1

Responsible Organizer: Mact Media Group

tourism in lesvos 3 day event dedicated to lesvos 1