Violent criminals to be banned from popular night-life areas in Denmark

Violent criminals will be banned from visiting popular nightlife areas in Denmark under a new law.

Danish courts can now prohibit certain offenders from “no go” zones set up by police to reduce nighttime violence.

On Monday, a 31-year-old man was sentenced under the new law by the Copenhagen City Court.

The suspect was banned from visiting nighttime hubs in the Danish capital for eight months and was also given a six-month prison sentence, according to Danish police.

Authorities in Copenhagen have set up four such “no go” zones to control access to busy streets, bars, and restaurants after midnight.

“We have definitely got a new tool, a tool that affects the few, but which helps the many,” Copenhagen police inspector Tommy Laursen told Reuters.

Those who violate the ban face a fine of 10,000 Danish Krone (€1,344) and a potential 30-day prison sentence, Laursen added.

Despite having declined in recent years, violence in bars and clubs is a major contributor to Denmark’s violent crime statistics.

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