Watch again: Hong Kong civil servants hold rally to support of pro-democracy protesters

Civil servants in Hong Kong are holding a rally to show support for pro-democracy protesters.

Hong Kong police said they arrested eight people on Friday, including a leading pro-independence leader, after seizing weapons and bomb-making material in a raid.

A wave of protests that began in late April has plunged the former British colony into its biggest political crisis since its return to Chinese rule in 1997.

Demonstrators are still demanding greater accountability from their government, and they show no signs of backing down. The protesters, calling for democracy and human rights, are vowing to keep up the pressure.

The main focus is on the now-infamous extradition bill, wanting it to be fully withdrawn. Also, activists want the territory’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam to step down.

A couple of weeks ago, Lam apologised for “not communicating properly” when the proposed bill was first released. She has admitted that her government’s work on the bill had been a “total failure” and that it was “dead”.

Over the weeks, clashes with the police have been sometimes violent, with tear gas and rubber bullets used by the authorities.

Among other demands, protesters are still wanting an independent investigation into police abuse.

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