Watch: Czech Paula Notova crowned champion of Kiteboarding World Cup

Czech 26-year-old Paula Novotna was crowned champion of the women’s freestyle kiteboarding World Cup on Sunday.

“I just won my first competition ever, like my first World Cup and I still can`t believe it – like I have no words – like I am competing amongst the best of the World and I just won!!” said Paula with palpable excitement.

The competition took place in Fuerteventura, where fierce winds threw off many competitors. Mikaili Sol entered the competition as World’s No.1 but lost her title, winning third place.

The 14-year-old crashed in the windy conditions, becoming injured and was unable to perform her tricks with her usual precision. Novotna’s experience and strength gained her an advantage over younger competitors, allowing her to win the final.

Pippa van Iersel from the Netherlands won second place, with Brazillian Bruna Kajyia coming fourth. The results of the men’s competition will be determined on Monday.

This is the 34th Windsurfing and Kiteboarding World Cup and is running in the Canary Island until August 3.

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