Watch: More than 1,000 arrested at Moscow protest

Russian police detained more than 1,000 people in central Moscow on Saturday during a protest.

The protesters were demanding that opposition candidates be allowed to take part in city council elections.

Watch Euronews’ Galina Polonskaya’s report in the video player above.

At least one woman and a man appeared to have suffered serious head wounds.

Activists were also detained on Saturday.

Authorities said that roughly 3,500 people participated at the protests, but activists estimated that the number was much higher.

Protesters on Saturday evening stood peacefully as police went through the crowds and detained people. Several protesters were dragged into police cars.

As the detentions occurred some protesters shouted “what for?” questioning why the people were being taken. Many shouted and chanted for fair elections.

There was a heavy police presence as authorities tried to dispel the protesters.

People were singing, clapping, and smiling at some points of the protest to show that they were not afraid of the Russian authorities.

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