What protests? Putin rides with Night Wolves bikers in Crimea

As massive anti-government protests took place in Moscow on Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin rode a motorcycle with the Night Wolves bikers in Crimea.

The president took the ride as part of an annual show organised by the bikers, who are closely allied with Putin and are vehement supporters of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

He rode a Ural bike alongside the leader of the nationalist motorcycle group Aleksander Zaldostanov, better known as ‘The Surgeon’.

Speaking to a crowd of motorcycle fans in Sevastopol, the president complimented the Night Wolves for setting a great example to the country’s youth.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people in Moscow and other cities protested against Putin’s government following local election violations. As many as 275 were arrested across the country, according to the arrest-monitoring group OVD-Info.

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