Working on wind turbines and skyscrapers despite fear of heights

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Adrenaline addict living in İzmir, Turkey, Hazel Kaya successfully carries out her profession, which requires working in buildings tens of metres high such as wind turbines and skyscrapers, despite her fear of heights.

She is one of the “rope access technicians” who work in high-rise buildings using practical rope systems, and draws attention as one of the few women practising this profession in Turkey.

Due to her job, Kaya performs maintenance, reinforcement, repair, cleaning and surface protection works on the interior and exterior parts, engine compartment or blade of a wind turbine that sometimes reaches 100 metres in height.

“I can even work at an altitude of 200 metres,” she told Anadolu, “but sometimes, if we go for a walk with my father and want to take a photo by the cliff, I’m scared, I can’t even look down. I just feel safe when I’m strapped to the belt.”

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