World Tourism Expo 2022

The international meeting of the tourism industry every year in Athens.

World Tourism Expo 2022

A major event for the tourism industry in Greece and internationally is coming to Athens next spring to mark the migration forward into the post-Covid period.

World Tourism Expo is coming to stimulate the tourism market in all its facets presenting B2B as well as B2C features. The presentation of destinations, thematic forms of tourism, Greek products, as well as tourism markets abroad, in an exhibition that is expected to become an institution, will boost the market as a whole “without leaving anyone behind”, as the World Tourism Organization recently urged us on the occasion of World Tourism Day.

It will be the first -in size- exhibition in Greece to be held in a hybrid way, in person and digitally, with the aim of deriving the maximum benefits for exhibitors and visitors and exploiting the advantages provided by both exhibition methods.

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WTE brings together Greek and foreign tourist destinations, the islands of Greece, Thematic Tourism, Gastronomy and Wine. They all meet at the major international tourism exhibition in Athens, which will take place from 1 to 3 April at the Peristeri Exhibition Centre and the Mact Expo Center.

The live exhibition at iexpo in Peristeri will stimulate interest in domestic tourism, which has been the key point for many destinations during this difficult period of the pandemic, but will also revive interest in travel outside the borders, which strongly concerns the part of the travel agencies that has suffered great losses.

The ttgw on Thematic Tourism that was to be held on 22-24 October and the Panorama of Island Destinations that was successfully held last June are being transferred to WTE to sculpt the tourism product of the future.

Thematic Tourism will play a central role at WTE, as all forms of alternative tourism provided around the country will be presented. The forms of thematic tourism that will be hosted are:

  • City Break
  • City City Tourism – Sports Tourism
  • Geotourism
  • Sports Tourism
  • Education Tourism
  • Marine Tourism
  • Religious and Pilgrimage Tourism
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Conference Tourism
  • Health and Wellness Tourism
  • Rural tourism
  • Outdoor activities
  • Winter Tourism & Ski Tourism

The island destinations will have the opportunity at WTE to inform professionals and individuals about their special features, attractions, facilities offered to travellers and to promote local tourism businesses, giving them the opportunity to get in touch with major tour operators from 25 countries.

A special section of the WTE will be gastronomy, at a time when Greek cuisine is gaining more and more recognition in the international culinary world, while the development of gastronomic tourism is a challenge for many regions of the country. At the same time, producers will be in direct contact with the tourism sector, allowing further inclusion of local Greek products in the country’s tourism sector.

Wine, beer and spirits will have their own exclusive section at WTE, where producers and their operators will have the opportunity not only to present their unique creations to the public, but also the wine roads, visiting wineries and breweries.

For all sections of WTE, B2B meetings will be organized on the sidelines of the exhibition with tour operators and professionals of the thematic tourism from 25 countries and more, in addition to the companies and institutions operating within Greece. Important conferences with many surprises will take place within the framework of the exhibition, details of which will be announced in the near future. It should be noted that the conferences will be able to be attended not only in person, but also online, thanks to the hi-tech potentials offered by the Mact Expo Center.

As mentioned above, in addition to the Peristeri Exhibition Center, WTE will be hosted online at the Mact Media Group’s Digital Expo Center. The Mact Expo Center is designed to be simple and user-friendly and does not require special skills in the use of new technologies. Its digital power can serve tens of thousands of users in parallel, in particular the Digital Event Platform has a capacity for up to 50.000 participants per day. At the digital pavilions, exhibitors can present their products and services and chat with visitors in real time via video link, while visitors are given the opportunity to download information material and digital brochures from each pavilion they visit. They have a customizable interface for logo, brand and brand integration and are configured according to your requirements. At the same time, the stands offer the possibility for video presentations, through which companies and institutions can be introduced to visitors. Exhibitors can make appointments and organise B2B meetings, while direct sales are also provided. It is emphasized that even after the end of the live exhibition in Peristeri, the digital pavilions remain online for a long time. Finally, it should be noted that thanks to the partnership that Mact Media Group has secured with BCI Media, the expo will be accessible to the expo via the internet, the expatriate community in more than 150 countries.

For more information, please contact the organizer at 2110129575 and by email at

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