‘Wow, amazing’: Son shares poignant story of mother clearing Class X boards at 53

It’s never too late to follow your dreams, especially if they are about completing your education. And one woman from Mumbai has left thousands inspired online after she successfully cleared her Class X boards, more than three decades after she had to discontinue her studies. Now, the amazing feat shared online by her son has gone viral.

Mothers often put their own lives on hold, sometimes for years, as they devote themselves to taking care of their families. A LinkedIn user named Prasad Jambhale threw light on one such instance when he shared the joyous news about his mother, Kalpana, passing the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam at the age of 53.

Jambhale, who stays in Ireland for work, narrated how his mother kept it a secret from her family for the longest period of time and only revealed it when his wedding date was fixed before her boards. She not only managed and oversaw all the marriage preparations for her son in February but also continued to study for her exams in March. And even with all the multitasking, she passed the exam scoring 79.60 per cent, leaving her son proud and in awe.

“So, the story goes back when my mother was of the age 16 years, her father died and the financial crisis followed, to ensure that her siblings continue their education, she had to quit the education and start working,” the son wrote in a now-viral LinkedIn post.

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Jambhale said it all started last year when his mother learnt of a government scheme that sponsors students who had to discontinue their education halfway. She started going to a night school in December last year. But neither Jambhale, nor his father and brother who are staying in Mumbai, knew what she was up to.

mother marksheet The man was very proud of his mother passing with flying colours. (Source: Prasad Jambhale/ LinkedIn)

“Whenever I was in Ireland and used to call during Indian night-time, I used to ask where’s mom? And I was told that she has gone for a walk, I thought that’s odd that she got interested into walks,” the son recalled about his mother’s early days of back-to-school experiences. “Her days started with learning all the lessons from SSC curriculum,” he added.

The son recalled how during his visit to India, he was impressed to see her notebook, realising her acumen for algebra and English. “Even after so many years, she was able to grasp different learning, and not just that, but was a brilliant student in her batch,” he added. He also shared a picture of his mother’s classmates who had all decided to resume their education and how it’s seen as an achievement and is celebrated.

mother class mate boards Sharing a picture of her mother’s classmates, the son said she is one of the best students in the batch. (Source: Prasad Jambhale/ LinkedIn)

“Sometimes I feel I am so fortunate that I had no worries about anything and was able to get to the position just because of the privilege I have. Who knows what my mother could have achieved more?” the son asked, sharing his mother’s marksheet.

Wondering what all she could have done in life if she had the opportunity, the son concluded by saying that though he had always been proud of his mother, he was blown away by this. “Never stop learning,” he said in his message, hoping it motivates others as well.

As the story left many inspired, he updated his post, saying his mother is “grateful” for the “overwhelming response”. The son added, she couldn’t believe that “her story is making an impact, she says thanks to everyone and encourages everyone to go forward”. He also informed others inquiring about the government scheme that they could visit the nearest civic BMC school if in Mumbai and ask for night school admission.

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