Yemen’s Houthi rebels target military parade in Aden

An explosion in Aden, the seat of Yemen’s internationally recognised government, has caused unspecified casualties, according to reports.

The Houthi rebel movement, which controls the capital, Sanaa, claimed responsibility for the attack on Thursday which targeted a military parade at a camp in the southern city.

The Houthi-linked al-Masirah TV said the group launched a medium-range ballistic missile and armed drone at the parade. 

A witness told the Reuters news agency that they saw nine bodies on the ground after the explosion.

The blast occured “behind the stand where the ceremony was taking place at al-Jalaa military camp” in Aden’s Buraiqa district, the source added. 

The parade “was being used to prepare for an advance on Taiz and Dalea”, al-Masirah cited a Houthi military spokesman as saying.

A security source told AFP news agency that dozens of Yemeni police, including a senior commander, were killed or wounded in the attack.

Separately, a suicide attack on a police station in the city’s Omar al-Mokhtar neighbourhood killed at least three soldiers and wounded 20 others. 

Local officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Associated Press the bomber drove his explosives-laden car into the local police station’s gates shortly after the morning police lineup. 

Yemen’s latest conflict broke out in late 2014 when the Houthis, allied with forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, seized much of the country, including the capital, Sanaa.

The war escalated in March 2015 when a Saudi-UAE-led coalition launched a ferocious air campaign against the rebels in a bid to restore the internationally recognised government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Since then, tens of thousands of civilians and combatants have been killed and as many as 85,000 children may have starved to death.

Aden map

SOURCE: Al Jazeera and news agencies

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